OverWatch Hacks

Russian coders present the first hacks for OverWatch

OverWatch Hacks

Blizzards first shooter Overwatch is available in the closed beta test for several weeks, but in some testers slowly comes to resentment. Many players want a progress system in which they can observe tangible benefits for characters. While such a system is considered quasi confirmed (as rewards in the form of Spraylogos have already read), broke it over a game mode so far evaluated the head.

Now, Jeff Kaplan, the game director, asked for the floor and replied to the question of a ranked game mode.

“We look forward to Counting games. If does not manage this feature at launch, it will be one to which we focus after the launch. ”

Thus therefore it is confirmed that Overwatch gets a = rated game mode with leaderboards – anything else would have been unacceptable for eSports fans also. For many in the scene Overwatch counts as “the next big thing” in the field of eSports. However imposes itself with the absence of such features also suspected that Overwatch will eventually appear incomplete and the developers already run out of time.

Last weekend, the first major “Beta Weekend” of MOBA-Shooters Overwatch was held, and the participants took advantage of the small window of time very intense.

We were able to watch some of this hacks in action and can confirm their legitimacy

As has now announced the official forum Jeff Kaplan from Blizzard Entertainment, it brought the weekend added up to a playing time of 129 years, the testers. These are converted 1,130,040 hours – a very significant number.

However, neither Kaplan nor other employees of Blizzard Entertainment have not given how many players have participated in the beta weekends from Overwatch. Thus, it is not clear how many hours each participant has played an average.

Some time ago it was announced that, statistically speaking, a team with Symmetra has very high chances to win. If you know what to do, Symmetra can be a great asset to the team. Likewise, the rather simple play of Soldier: 76 for the weekend newcomers an advantage, which could have led to his place in the attacking forces. Why D.Va and Torbj√∂rn were able to score in the other two categories … ideas on your part?

Just over 8 minutes of playing time per match coincides roughly with my experiences. About 350,000 Played matches can be seen.
Would Interssant yet to know if these data apply worldwide or just for the US server, how many players have done over the weekend to the many matches and as the ratio of the Siege of attack and defense was.

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Review

We played Black Ops 3 – This is what we have to say about the game

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Review

The published last weekend patch for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Although quite makes for an improvement in the much-criticized performance of the shooter on the PC. To achieve this goal, but the developers have taken a rather unusual way: They reduced further ado the textures quality.

The reported any case of Joker Productions YouTube channel and also provides the same proof video with. It is also seen that the high-res textures sometimes but upon closer inspection even blink. But affects only the multiplayer textures. The solo campaign Part remains untouched.

Whether the textures downgrade is intended by the development team, or whether it is a patch with the newly established fault, is still unclear.

Original message: Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 was highly praised since its release. However, it rained for the PC version also massive criticism – blame is a performance that is so bad that we even had to advise against the purchase. After a small CPU patch has already been published, now follows the first major patch for the shooter.

The tackle is primarily bugs fixed and the annoying performance issues on the PC. The update can already download on Steam and has a download size of 520 MB Cira. However, concrete patch notes are not yet available.

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On Steam some users are already reporting of significant improvements by the patch, but the problems do not appear to be solved at all. Some even declare that the performance is said to have worsened by the patch or the game no longer is running now.

It begins with a monumental Tutorial: Over several missions across wants Black Ops 3 teach me how to play Call of Duty. Actually, I know that yes. For years, the first-person shooter from Activision play equal – and for years I criticize that.

E-Sports is a big part of Call of Duty Black Ops 3

This year there are really changes. Great changes! Black Ops 3 plays in the future, in the year 2065. About 40 years have passed since the events of Black Ops. 2 Thanks to modern technology dogfight has become obsolete. Who wants to go to war in the future, need boots on the ground.

Appearance Players: In a covert operation in Egypt the team to rescue a hostage. Although the mission succeeds, but the character remains in the exfiltration on the ground. A robot is attacking and tearing us arms and legs – a rather nasty affair in the first-person view don’t be admired if you run into some people already using hacks in black ops 3 because they are out there.

At the last moment we are obviously saved – and made for augmented super-soldier. New arms, new footing, a computer system in the brain … Brave New World. Many a madman can even be cut away voluntarily healthy body parts to belong only to the elite of the armed forces.

The upgrades make the soldier’s life but also really simple. The neural chip can change, for example by various vision modes. The improved visibility helps about in the dark. Enemies are highlighted in red in it. Another tactic is sight beyond information about the dangerous state of an environment and where enemies are hiding everyone hates the infamous counter strike aimbot that spoils the fun for everyone and makes the competitive scene look like a big joke.
Especially the latter annoying but because they completely loads the HUD. While other shooter proceed to avoid unnecessary HUD displays, adds the tactics overview add additional symbols and divides the bottom of the playing field in different colored zones. That seemed to me overloaded and took me often more distracted than it has helped.